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massagematters_leaf     The Benefits of Massage can be LIFE CHANGING!
    INCREASES ATTENTIVENESS AND LEARNING which has positive implications
    for those with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, or learning disabilities.
massagematters_leaf     Here at Massage Matters! we offer soft and deep tissue massage, as well
    as, various other forms of massages to assist you the best way possible.
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Massage room
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The Benefits of Massage can be LIFE CHANGING!

INCREASES ATTENTIVENESS AND LEARNING which has positive implications for those with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, or learning disabilities

Alleviates pain

Improves immune function (massage increases the number of natural killer cells, which has implications for those with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, cancer, and viral diseases)

Reduces stress

Promotes healing of psychiatric problems (child and adolescent psychiatric patients showed more open verbal communication, improved sleep, less depression, and lower anxiety levels)

Assists in overcoming addictions such as cigarette smoking

Supports effective digestion and breathing

Diminishes premenstrual symptoms

Lowers blood pressure, anxiety and hostility levels, which has positive implications in individuals with hypertension

Increases job performance

Reduces the number of headache days in migraine headaches

Improves functional activities, positive mood, self-esteem, and body image

Research is underway on the effects of massage in cystic fibrosis; childhood irritable bowel syndrome; arthritis in the elderly; sickle cell anemia (to mitigate pain); coma and spinal cord injuries (to upgrade circulation and retard muscle atrophy); mental depression and failure to thrive in the elderly; reduction of the formation of scar tissue from breast surgery, as well as, reduction of anxiety, depression, and cortisol levels; Down syndrome (to improve muscle tone and cognitive skills); and cerebral palsy (to help infants gain more muscle flexibility)

Massage has an amazing effect on the body' s nervous system and blood circulation. Known for reducing stress, massage dilates the capillaries of the skin which increases the uptake of vital skin repairing nutrients. Giving you more vitality and energy to enjoy life.

Here at Massage Matters! we offer soft and deep tissue massage,
as well as, various other forms of massages to assist you the best way possible.

For total relaxation, soft tissue uses light or firm pressure to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and melt tension away.

Involves the use of slow, deep and intense massage strokes across the grain of the muscle to heal physical injuries, chronic tension, and emotional stresses. Deep tissue massage applies greater pressure than soft issue, to deeper layers of the muscle. It can be used to release trapped nerves and correct damaged muscle tissue, as well as, to soften hard muscles
which may cause joint restriction.


Whether for the weekend warrior or the seasoned athlete, sport massage should play an important part whether you are injured or not. A faster paced, deep friction massage to get blood moving and help make the body more resilient, getting or keeping the body ready for peak performance. This massage is not typically for relaxation purposes.

Alignment, balance, range of motion, and symmetry. These are all things we strive for. With this technique, the practitioner can recognize common strain patterns before they become pain patterns. This can be an intense experience for some people.
Structural release/Myoskeletal takes into account the entire human physical structure, and strives to releasing and bringing balance to the human body from the feet up. It is extremely effective at releasing body tension by reorganizing the outer myofascial system often alleviating stress and pain.

By applying pressure to reflex points in the feet, hands or ears that relate to specific organs and glands in the body, practitioners believe that stimulating those reflex points promote health in that organ thru the body meridians. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body. It can be added to your choice of massage
or can be done alone.

Is used to clean the ears and believed to help with various ear disorders. Using ear candles is generally more comfortable and less expensive than conventional ear cleaning. The practice of ear candling is an ancient art form from other countries such as China and Italy. Ear candling can gently dislodge the wax or foreign debris and pull it out into the candle. Many report this as being rather pleasant sensation. Most often an improvement in hearing is reported.

The eye is the most unique physical structure that we have. It communicates and receives. Taking a photograph of the client eyes, the practitioner is looking for landmarks in the iris. These landmarks help to understand all the aspects that can affect the client's health and emotional well-being.


There are specific trigger/acupressure points through out the body. The small palpable spots can be located by hand. These points are connections between the positive and negative meridians and functions of the body, including the internal
organs and muscles. There are 500 points that have been mapped and used for centuries for specific improvements in performance.

Is a gentle method of detection and correction that encourages your own natural healing mechanisms to dissipate these negative effects of stress on your central nervous system. CranioSacral is performed on a person fully clothed. CranioSacral encourages optimal fluid movement from the base of the skull thru the spinal cord to the sacrum. It is used
to enhance body functioning, and help alleviate pain and discomfort.

A wonderful experience just for mother and baby. Prenatal massages aim to alleviate aches and pains, improve circulation, ease muscular tensions and other pregnancy related symptoms. Whether choosing the massage before, during or after the baby arrives, we take special care in caring for our new mothers to be; to increase energy and relieve discomfort due to pregnancy. A time just for HER, to relax and enjoy. (must be at least 13 weeks into your pregnancy)

Taken from the Native Americans, stone massage involves the application of water-heated basalt river stones of varying sizes to strategic points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating comfort and warmth. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage. This modality will be followed by a soft tissue massage for total relaxation. If you have never experienced this indulgence, you owe it to yourself.

Originating from Hawaii, this form of massage will leave you rested and relaxed. The rhythmic long flowing strokes are applied to the back, neck, shoulders and legs, leaving you relaxed and invigorated. The smell of gardenia and jasmine stimulate your mind, body and spirit.

A treat for that special someone in your life. Whether a friend or significant other you can experience being together for our half hour, forty-five minute, or our one hour sessions in our room made for two. Upgrades are available for special events, such as: Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Weddings.

The luxury of receiving a massage by two therapists working in complete unison. The tandem massage has a rhythmic sense of balance and total relaxation. If you have difficulty relaxing during your massage treatments, this one may be the one you need.